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Plovdiv 2019 – Serge Ecker, artist in residence from Luxembourg

Published Tuesday October 09 2018

Installation artist Serge Ecker has been invited  this month of October by the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation ,  with support by the Ministry of Culture from Luxembourg,  in the framework of artists residencies for the ADATA programme. The two main themes of the programme concern the interrelation between nature and culture – the Maritsa river passing through the city and the wild island Adata - , and the architectural layering which is specific for Plovdiv, with its examples of historical, modernist, Soviet and Bauhaus architecture. Apart from his many contributions of art in public spaces, Serge Ecker has been one of the curators of the Luxembourg Pavilion “Tracing Transitions” at the Venice Biennale for Architecture in 2016.